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Beau Ryan Accidentally Locked His Son, One, In The Car

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare - accidentally locking your young child in the car.

Parent’s have to be on alert 24/7 around their kids but unfortunately we're only human! Silly mistakes can be made and accidents do happen.

Beau Ryan learnt this the hard way after he told the Kyle and Jackie O listeners that he’d accidentally locked his one-year-old son Jesse in the car during school drop off last week.

Speaking about the terrifying incident, Beau explained that it can happen so easily and in an instant. For him, it happened when he was doing something that he wasn’t really supposed to.

“School drop off at my daughter’s school…you pull in and I think it’s a two minute drop off zone so you just pul in in your car, and you’re not meant to get out,” Beau explained.

“So I got out the other day, I had my son in the back Jesse and my daughter Remi. I get out, give her a kiss and a cuddle and actually walked her across the crossing. I come back to my car, and my car is locked.

“And it is on and my son Jesse is in the car.”

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Beau explained that Jesse had managed to push a button from inside the car that deadlocked all of the doors.

“I broke the rule by walking across…I think you’re just meant to get out, drop her off, but I walked her across. I like her to be safe. She’s six-years-old,” Beau explained.

He continued to tell us that the situation became even more stressful because his mistake was witnessed by a number of other parents who were waiting to get into the drop off zone behind him.

“I come back to the car and it is locked. Jesse’s in the car. It’s 9 o’clock in the morning. I’m at the front of the drop off zone with about 20 mums behind me in their cars and I’m at the front.”

“Mums and dads can be a bit judgey,”Jackie added. “And if they see that you’ve locked you’re child in the car, they’re going to judge you.”

Poor Beau had no idea what to do to fix the situation. His son is just over one year old and so there was no way to communicate with Jesse or get him to unlock the doors.

Thankfully, Jesse seemed completely unaware that anything was wrong and the air-conditioner was on inside the car.

But regardless, this type of situation is completely distressing for any parent and as minutes go by it feels more like hours.

Thirty-five minutes passed before Beau was eventually able to get Jesse out with the help of NRMA roadside assistance.

Hear Beau’s distressing ordeal in the video above!

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