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Kyle Sandilands Could Be A Judge On Australia’s Got Talent

Yesterday news broke that Seven Network would be bringing back their version of the reality talent programs out there, Australia’s Got Talent.

Having previously aired on the station between 2007 to 2012 before a short stint on Nine Network in 2013 and 2016, Seven confirmed that the AGT would return to their channel with more unique, brilliant, funny and mind-blowing acts.

Australia's Got talent is returning to channel seven next year

The show differs from other talent shows in that it doesn’t just seek singers or dancers, but performers with all sorts of weird and whacky talents as they perform in front of a panel of celebrity judges and a live audience.

While no judges have been confirmed as of yet, our very own Kyle Sandilands admitted today on the show that he would be keen to join the show when it returns.

Having previously been a judge on the show back in 2010 during it’s fourth season, Kyle admitted this morning while speaking with guest Samantha Jade that he would consider taking part in the revamped show.

“I’d be great on there obviously,” said Kyle.

“Would you do it again though?” asked Jackie.

“I might, I would,” he responded.

“You know I’ve been off TV for a little while, but then I’ve got that deal with channel ten but I could but an axe through that in a heartbeat,” he continued, referring to his show Trial By Kyle being picked up by the opposing network.

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But having worked in the industry for a while, Kyle knows better than anyone it’s not that simple to get out of a contract so we wouldn’t put money on him joining the AGT panel just yet.

“Well, I think I can’t put an axe through it, someone’s telling me I’m already signed,” said Kyle. “But I’m not exclusive, so I could do both. I could whore myself around to both networks.”

While Kyle works out that negotiation though, we did hear a promising response from our guest Samantha Jade, who said that she would absolutely be on board with becoming a judge.

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“Would you ever think maybe you’d like to judge one of those shows?” asked Kyle.

“Oh my gosh I would LOVE to,” responded Sammy Jade. “Can you tell them that?”

We guess we’ll just have to wait and see who gets signed up to partake in this new show! But just saying, we’d personally LOVE to see Kyle take another whirl in the judging seat.

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