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KJ SHOW: Why You Could DIE This Easter Long Weekend

Our Executive producer Bruno is usually super pumped when he walks into the studio to give Kyle and Jackie his top 3 things that are trending at the moment. But this morning he was looking a little bit down in the dumps. And when he explained why we completely understand! 

“Guys I’ve got some very bad news,” started Bruno. “We’re likely to die over the long weekend.”

Right. Okay. Well that’s a cheery way to enter the Easter celebrations. But Bruno wasn’t wrong, apparently a massive, bus-sized Chinese satellite is plummeting out of control towards earth and it’s set to enter our atmosphere at some point between March 30 and April 3. 

The satellite in question is known as Tiangong-1 and it’s said to have been out of control for a few years now. It’s currently orbiting through space at 450km per minute and according to scientists parts of it are expected to land on earth after it enters our atmosphere. 

Of course learning that a bus sized metal object is going to hit somewhere on earth is not exactly what you want to hear but when it does come about our instinct is to find a way to deal with it. So if you’re thinking, ‘lets just find out where it will hit so we can avoid the area’ forget that plan because scientists haven’t exactly been able to pin point the target. 

“At some point over the Easter long weekend, in an area as North as the South of France, and as South as Hobart, in that band there, a satellite is going to fall from the sky at very fast speeds,” explained Bruno to Kyle and Jackie. 

Hooley dooley! But while we’re all over here freaking out about the satellite crushing us, China is more worried about getting their property back. 

“I should point out something very interesting,” said Bruno. “The Chinese have said yeah sorry about this whole thing but wherever the satellite lands, it’s still ours.”

Of course you’ve got to be pretty darn unlucky to have the satellite land on you. After all, 70 per cent of the world is made up by ocean and here in Australia large parts of the country are completely unpopulated. But regardless we do feel a bit uneasy about it! 

Bruno said that he’s going to be taking shelter in Lisa and David Olfields bunker just to be safe over the weekend and you know what, make some room because we wouldn’t mind joining in on that! 

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