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Kelly Osbourne Opens Up About Devastating Illness

This morning Kyle and Jackie O caught up with friend of the show, Kelly Osbourne.

She opened up about something very personal to her, that isn’t known by many people; the fact that she suffers with lyme disease.

Jackie revealed that Yolanda Foster’s well documented experience with Lyme disease was the first time she’d come across it. She also referenced the backlash she’d received, including accusations that she didn’t actually have the disease.

‘I know for my own fact, because we went to the same doctor!’ Kelly answered.

‘I know she has it, and it’s the most debilitating disease ever, because you can’t figure out what’s wrong with you. I wouldn’t wish it upon anyone,’ she said.

‘It takes forever to figure out [what’s wrong with you], because there’s five different bacteria laying dormant in the body and they have to test them all. They thought I had epilepsy and I knew I wasn’t epileptic!'

‘How do you get lyme disease?’ Kyle asked.

‘I thought it was from too much lyme sediment in the water,’ Kelly revealed.

‘It comes from tick bites, but it can be sexually transmitted too.'

‘Oh, from all those filthy dudes you’ve been with?’ Kyle joked.

 ‘NO, I got bitten by a tick!” Kelly answered, before opening up about her treatment.

‘I got sent to Frankfurt in Germany and I did stem cell, and my body healed itself. In 10 days I felt better, in 100 days I was like ‘take a look at me now,’ she sang.

‘I could feel happy and sad again. It was amazing. Some days you feel nothing.’

We’re so glad she’s on the mend again.

We love you Kelly! 

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