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Karl Stefanovic Says He Was PISSED At Peter After UberGate

It might be only halfway through 2018 but we’ve already learnt a lot of things so far this year.

For example, Jackie learnt that dogs CAN actually see their reflection in the mirror. Kyle learnt that not all girls are into getting down and dirty during their time of the month. And the whole of Australia learnt to never, under any circumstances, talk on speakerphone while in the back of an Uber.

Surely everyone will remember the scandal that erupted out of the heart of Channel 9’s biggest talent a few months ago, after a money-hungry Uber driver cashed in on the fact that two of network’s biggest faces in News had been gossiping, seemingly without a care in the world, in the back of his vehicle.

The two brother’s at the heart of the incident were Peter Stefanovic, who you’d know as one of the weekend hosts on the Today Show, and Karl Stefanovic who co-hosts the Today Show on weekdays.

During a New Idea tell all interview with the Uber driver, he alleged that Pete had been chatting to Karl on speakerphone in while he drove him around, and that the pair had been talking about their colleagues. Various people were singled out in the rumours such as Karl’s new co-host Georgie Gardner, entertainment reported Richard Wilkins and other members of Nine management.

It was a fairly embarrassing moment for the pair of TV personalities and now Karl has told Kyle and Jackie O exactly how he felt when the scandal came to light. And it turns out, he was seriously pissed off with Pete for putting the phone on speaker in the first place.

“Were you pissed off that he had you on speaker in an Uber?” asked Jackie.

“What do you think? What do you think,” said Karl clearly hinting that he was mad about the incident. But at least he could joke about it now as he added sarcastically, “I haven’t spoken to Pete since.”

Karl also joked that he felt like sending Tongan Sam, who in case you don’t know is one of Kyle Sandilands' rather scary, bodyguard friend’s, over to give Peter a piece of his mind.

“I said Tongan Sam’s coming round, and you will be silenced,” joked Karl.

But in all seriousness, Karl said that he takes full responsibility for the matter after the scandal, that later earned the name UberGate, caused rocky waters at the Channel Nine headquarters.

“Rightly so, Channel Nine weren’t happy and upstairs weren’t happy and fair enough,” revealed Karl. “Whatever comes out of my mouth I’m responsible for and if that brings the company in disrepute that’s on me so I accept full responsibility.”

It truly was a tough time for the Stefanovic brothers, but thankfully Karl had close friends to rely on to help him through it. Including his good mate Kyle!

“At times when I’m feeling really down and out I do ring Kyle,” explained Karl. “And I said, ‘mate, this is just, this is a bad place I’m in right now’. And there was a lot of other stuff going on, so he is my councillor. He’s like my mentor. Kyle’s my mentor.

“I do love him, his advice is always very sound. And he said to me ‘mate, I don’t think it’s a big deal, you’ve got to say sorry, blah blah blah, but when you’re losing advertisers, that’s when you’ve got to worry.”

Of course, the pair did cop the whole thing on the chin, owned up to their mistake and apologised for any pain they may have caused. And good on them for it!

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