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Julian Assange Reveals All About Relationship With Pamela

This morning we spoke to Wikileaks founder, Julian Assange. In true style, he spoke a lot about the government, and his detainment - but the thing we wanted to know, was whether the rumours that he and Pamela Anderson being together were true!

“Pamela Anderson’s an impressive figure,” he said.

She’s an attractive person with an attractive personality. She’s no idiot at all!” Psychologically she’s very savvy.”

He then spoke about how she had been involved in helping bring him back to Australia (currently he’s seeking refuge at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, and the US government are trying to extradite him.)

“Over the last two years she has done more to try and get this Aussie out of detention without charge than anyone,” he revealed. It should not take Pamela Anderson to do the Australian government’s job, as capable as she is!”

“But have you started up a love affair with her?” Kyle asked.

“I mean, I like her, she’s great. I’m not going to go into the private details,” he said.

“Oh now I want to know more, I’m starting ‘Pammyleaks’ - and don’t you take it down, we know how great and powerful you are!” Kyle teased.

“She’s great, we have other kind of, you know… basically you’ve got people like Pamela Anderson who are independent, they’ve managed their own career, she can’t really be squeezed by a TV executive or something like that.

Well, it CERTAINLY seems like they’re closer than we first thought!

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