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Joe Jonas Told Us Where He Hangs Out While In Sydney

Joe Jonas couldn’t get enough of Kyle and Jackie O. Having only just visited us in studio a week and a bit ago, the singer and newest judge on The Voice Australia stopped by once again today with his band mate Cole from DNCE for a chat.

@joejonas and @colewhittle from @dnce are in! 💕 #KJshow

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Hot off the heels of their performance on The Voice Grand Finale, the DNCE pair dropped in to talk about their new single hitting the charts ‘TV In The Morning’, but of course things quickly got off topic.

Cole told us how he managed to make himself smell so good at all times as well as the inspiration behind his insane fashion choices, where as Joe revealed to us his favourite places to hang out while he’s been living it up here in Sydney.

Now if you’re a massive Joe Jonas fan, we bet that you’d be vying for any sort of opportunity to catch a glimpse of the star while he’s Down Under. Or to at the very least visit the places that he thinks are pretty dope.

So whether it’s just to simply bump into the Jonas brother, gaze at him from afar (in the least creepy way possible), or just hang out in a place where Joe has been before, these are the top places we recommend visiting based on the info he told us today.

1. Frankie's Pizza

The first spot on Joe Jonas’ hang out hit list is Frankie's Pizza located on Hunter St in the heart of Sydney. The joint is a rock ’n’ roll inspired bar serving craft beer, cider and classic pizzas and also boasts I’ve music rom their World Famous House Band.

Get it? Got it? Good. #kiss

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Joe told us that he was a “big fan of Frankie's” establishment when Kyle and Jackie asked him where he would usually head to blow off steam. Funnily enough Kyle said that his girlfriend Imogen also frequents this rock ’n' roll joint so it really must be a cool place!

2. Grandma’s Bar

The second place that Joe mentioned was Grandma’s Bar on Clarence St. Known for it’s unique cocktails and laid back atmosphere, Joe described it as having a “tiki vibe” to it.

We don’t know if Tiki is the word we would use…more like kitschy as the joint features stylings that you would likely find in your Grandma’s living room. Their website suggests though that Grandma’s is the place where you always get spoilt, just like you would at your relative’s house in real life.

And TBH it really would be a treat if we were lucky enough to spot Joe Jonas here!

3. Unknown Country Bar

Now this one we don’t know as much information about so the mega fans out there will have to really get in touch with their sleuthing skills to find this one. All we know is that Joe described this third bar as an “old country bar” that he loves so much because it reminds him of his home town in Texas, US.

When Kyle asked whereabouts the bar was located Joe couldn’t really remember the exact location because his friend took him there but we do know that it’s in Sydney and has a Willie Nelson band that plays there.

Good luck with your Jonas brother spotting everyone!

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