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Jackie Opens Up About Terrifying Experience With A Stalker

Some seriously scary audio has been released recently by Victoria police of a serial stalker who has been sending letters and making phone calls to women at various businesses.

When the audio was brought up during the Top 3 this morning with our Executive Producer Bruno it made Jackie think about the time that she had a stalker and just how intense it can actually get.

“Yeah I’ve had one,” revealed Jackie to Bruno and Beau Ryan who was filling in for Kyle today. “It was about 10-years ago."

Just like the serial stalker in Melbourne, Jackie revealed that this person would send her letters to the office. However, it wasn’t just one letter here or there. Jackie explained that he would send pages upon pages of notes.

“He would write pages and pages and pages,” she said. “Like it would have taken him days. It’s like a proper book that he had written.”

Jackie said that the letters would arrive at the radio station all the time. As for what the letters contained Jackie said they were usually a bunch of nonsense.

“Yeah sent into the radio station but he would send them in constantly and a lot of it just didn’t make sense and I didn’t really read it to be honest but he was really like on my case.”

She went on to say that the stalker became so persistent and inappropriate that she eventually had to get the police involved.

“I can’t remember what he said but it was to the point where we had to contact authorities because there were things in there, I can’t remember what, but definitely things in there where you’re like, ‘Okay this guys might actually, you know...’” continued Jackie before trailing off.

Beau Ryan also opened up about similar experiences that he’s had but explained that it’s so different nowadays with technology and social media making messaging people so easy.

“See now ‘coz online you can do it easy, Instagram and Facebook, and just write whatever you want,” he said. “I get people writing stuff, not like stalkers, but back then you had to send it, write it…Now you can do it without thinking.”

Hopefully police in Victoria are able to catch up with this particular guy so that they can stop him from terrorising these women. Police have released the audio and a photo of the man they wish to speak with which can be seen here.

If you recognise the man please contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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