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Intern Pete Suffers ‘Hot Sauce Dot Painting’ As Punishment

Caution: graphic content

This morning, Kyle and Jackie O came up with an elaborate plan to get back at Intern Pete, after it was revealed that he was willing to throw Kyle and Jackie O under the bus in order to secure a $10,000 deal that would see him become the face of a skin care brand.

The whole thing was a set up by Kyle and Jackie O, to see if Pete would betray them, and sure enough, he did.

He called them ‘lazy’ and told the person on the phone that he did ‘all the work on the show.’

Well, as expected, punishment came in the form of the ‘hot sauce wheel’ and he landed on number 17, the ‘hot sauce dot painting’, which we ALL had to see unfold…

Caution: graphic content

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