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Heartbreaking Video Shows Harsh Reality Of Strawberry Crisis

As if the current drought in Australia hasn’t been tough enough on our farmers, many of them working in the fruit industry are now facing further devastation with the needle contamination crisis spreading far and wide.

Sewing needles were first discovered hidden inside strawberries in Queensland last week and since then they have been discovered inside the fruit nationwide, with at least 20 cases discovered in NSW alone.

But while police work to put a stop to the contamination crisis and find the person responsible for inserting needles into the fruit, it’s not enough to save the tons of strawberries currently going to waste.

Heartbreaking footage of the fruit being dumped by the truckload has emerged on Facebook, posted by the daughter of the couple behind Donnybrook Berries, which is just one of the family businesses affected by the recall.

In the video caption, Stephanie Chheang wrote, “This is no doubt the worst thing to ever happen to my family.” Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning, Stephanie’s sister Cindy reiterated just how devastating this has been for their family business.

“It made a huge impact on us, like within three days everything just all stopped,” said Cindy. “It’s been a huge impact having to see all of their handwork being dumped right in front of them.”

“All of the employees were really upset. We’d packed them all and then we had to unpack them just so we can dump them,” she continued.

In the Facebook post, Cindy’s sister wrote that they have been forced to to dump all of their strawberries because the supermarkets will no longer take them due to the needle scare.

The worry is that this crisis will completely ruin the business altogether, however, Cindy told us that with all of the support they have received from the community, they are hopeful that they will recover.

“We’ve got a lot of support from everyone and everyone’s just saying we’ll buy strawberries, we’ll keep cutting, we’ll keep buying Donnybrook if we see it,” said Cindy. “We’ve had a lot of support so I think we should be okay.”

It really is heartbreaking to think about the knock on affect that one person’s actions have had on the strawberry growing community here in Australia. So what can we do to help?

Basically it’s important for everyone to keep buying strawberries and to just take precautions before consuming them by cutting them up and checking for any sign of needles.

Mandy Shultz, another strawberry farmer from Queensland, also told Kyle and Jackie O that we should hold a national cocktail day where everyone makes strawberry daiquiri’s to use up the wasted berries! And Kyle thought it was a fantastic idea.

“I think it’s time to call for a national cocktail,” said Mandy. “Wouldn’t that be great, the frozen strawberry daiquiri…You blend them, you can chop them!”

“Good idea!”, exclaimed Kyle. “I think you should blend all the strawberries and this weekend you should be arrested if you’re not drinking a strawberry daiquiri.”

You heard the man! Bottoms up everyone! Let’s all do our part to help the strawberry farmers as much as we can.

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