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Hanson Sent WHAT To Kyle And Jackie O?

Kyle and Jackie O put the Hanson brothers through their paces at a 90's trivia quiz...

The brother with the lowest score at the end of the quiz had to be slapped in the face with a fish.

As in, a live, wet, dead fish.

Ok. So Zac lost, and he chickened out of being slapped in the face with a fish...

"I think you're going to have to find us with a fish," he said.

Kyle's response, "If you can't do it that's fine, but somewhere in one of your Aussie concerts, I will be there with an esky full of dead fish and one way or another, Zac will be copping a fish to the face."

What happened next?

This turned up at the KIIS studios addressed to Kyle and Jackie O from the boys...

What was in it? Scroll down to see!

"Wanted to save you a trip to the fishmonger - Your move!"

Signed by Zac himself.


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