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Guy Sebastian Becomes Overweight American In Ultimate Prank

Kyle is a hard one to pull a prank on. Most of the time, he’s onto us with everything we try to get him with.

However, when you pull someone with the vast talents of Guy Sebastian into the mix, you’ve got the recipe for an epic prank to end all pranks.

We convinced Guy to spend three HOURS getting made up in prosthetics to look COMPLETELY different; he became Joe David Tucker Jr.

And oh my GOSH did he do it well.

They went through the entire segment with Kyle thinking that they were speaking to the American guy, who had put on a big amount of weight, much to the dismay of his girlfriend - and was unsure whether he should ‘stay or go’.

It wasn’t until they were about to take calls from listeners that Kyle noticed something wasn’t right, and when Joe David Tucker Jr removed his glasses, Kyle FINALLY realised it was Guy the entire time!


Guy has a show tonight and tomorrow at Oxford Arts Factory – head to for more details.

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