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Gladys Berejiklian told Kyle He Should Run For Parliament

Kyle and Jackie O like to dabble a little bit in all areas during their show. Music, entertainment, celebrity news and the latest topic this morning, politics.

The guys have been talking for a while about various ways that they think that they could improve NSW. Less 40km/h speed zones, public toilets along the side of the road for people (like Jackie…) who can’t hold it for a whole trip and more public holidays, just to name a few.

Today they decided to call up our NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian to pitch our various ideas. Like a true politician she was very happy to humour us and listen to our thoughts, but to be honest, she wasn’t too thrilled by the changes we wanted to make and had strong rebuttals to each one.

Despite our lack of ability in creating policies for NSW though, Gladys did tell Kyle that she thought he would be very successful if he were to ever run for parliament.

It all came about when Kyle asked the Premiere if he could have the Police Minister’s job. Gladys of course said that she couldn’t just hand him the position but instead her should run for parliament and work his way up to it.

“Can I be the police minister?”, asked Kyle, like a child asking their mum to buy them junk food.

“Kyle you know what, we have a very thriving democracy and you’re quite a popular person,” responded Gladys. “If you ran for parliament and then, you know, worked hard then the Premier of the day might very well promote you to that role.”

Could you imagine Kyle moving to canberra and living it up in Parliament House? I mean in a world where Donald Trump is the US President anything could happen!

Until then though Gladys encouraged Kyle and Jackie O to keep sending her their suggestions through email. But Gladys warned them to make sure they spell her last name correctly or else they won’t send! Better not get Intern Pete to draft these ones then…

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