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'Ball Sack Blogger' Explains Their Effectiveness

Yesterday, a beauty blogger from Florida made worldwide headlines after she uploaded a video of herself applying her foundation using what looked like a beige beauty blender foundation sponge.

On closer inspection, it wasn’t a sponge at all; it was her boyfriend ball sack.

This morning, Kyle and Jackie O caught up with Johnna, who required the help of her boyfriend Damon for the video.

She told the guys she’d been with her boyfriend since 2015, and wanted to try the stunt because she ‘felt like it would work a lot better than a beauty blender.’

So, how did it go? ‘It worked great, it was surprising!’

‘A beauty blender and a persons balls are totally different material, I feel like the balls worked much better.’

She even mistakingly described her regular make-up tool as a ‘ball blender’ and then quickly corrected herself to say, ‘beauty blender.’

‘Didn’t your parents care about the video? My mum would kill me if I did something like that!’ Jackie asked.

‘No, haha they’re cool we have pretty vulgar humour.’

Kyle then asked, ’so can you use any ball for this? Does it need to be shaven?’

‘Yes, there should be no hair! I feel like any ball would do, you could use it.’ Johnna explained.

Good to know.

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