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Why Kim’s Former Bodyguard Is Happy Security Wasn't There

This morning we spoke to Kim Kardashian’s former bodyguard, Steve Stanulis.

He is the one who was reportedly let go by Kanye West for talking to Kim Kardashian too much. Now, he’s opened up about the robbery that took place in Kim Kardashian’s hotel room over the weekend, revealing that he believes it was “too clean” to be an outside job.

He revealed that outsiders wouldn’t know that she had no security with her, and where the jewels were. He believes it was an ‘inside job’, orchestrated by someone in her camp, or someone who is part of the hotel.

He then took the opportunity to celebrate Kim’s current bodyguard, Pascal Duvier.

“If I were more of a celebrity I’d want him with me,” he said.

However, he explained why he thinks it’s a good thing that Pascal was absent during the robbery.

 “I don’t think he was armed… Pascal is a tough guy, it might have been a blessing that he wasn’t there, because if he tried to get overly macho… maybe something worse would have happened. Maybe there would have been gunshots… I think it was of benefit that he was not there.”

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