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EXCLUSIVE: Troy Says He’s SEEN The Photos Tracey Sent Dean

This Tracey and Dean drama just keeps getting messier and messier…or if you’re sitting in our position it’s getting better and better because damn this has been amazing TV. 

Yesterday, Tracey was on the Kyle and Jackie O show with her new partner Sean and she was asked about the alleged inappropriate messages that Dean had sent her. She claimed Dean had sent her information about the new girls that he was dating. 

But turns out she left out a LOT of information as on last night’s final episode of Married At First Sight it was revealed that Tracey had actually sent Dean some cheeky pictures!! Of course, the TV show didn’t really give us anymore information than that and so when Troy and Carly came on the show today, Kyle and Jackie pried for some more information. 

“So Troy, you’ve apparently seen the text messages that Dean has sent Tracey,” began Jackie. 

Troy got a little bit flustered as he thought about the best way to answer but eventually said, “I’ve seen a sample of them.”

“Okay so what did you see?”, asked Jackie, since all we know so far is that there were some inappropriate images exchanged. 

Instead of answering Troy let out one of his iconic, bellowing laughs. Maybe it’s a nervous tick? What followed was a series of gibberish as Troy realised that he had really stuck his foot in his mouth. 

“Tracey’s a great girl, I can’t defy that confidence,” said Troy eventually. “It’s the stuff you’d expect.” Oh Troy you should never leave things up to our imagination, especially when Kyle is involved. 

“Was it just undies and bra or was there a little *woo hoo*”, asked Kyle making a whistling noise. Troy still wouldn’t answer and so Kyle said, “Well in my mind she’s pulled the undies to the side now because I don’t know.”

Well you might have a loud laugh but you certainly have tight lips when it comes to the boys Troy. So it looks like we’ll never really know what exactly was sent between Tracey and Dean but with the amount of secrecy surrounding the these messages it has to be something a bit saucy…

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