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Noah The Time Traveller Reveals MAJOR Secrets About 2030

After learning that a man had travelled back in time from the year 2030 with a secret mission to save the planet Kyle was adamant about getting him on the show.

And so, Kyle and Jackie O had an exclusive Skype call with Noah the time traveller live on the air giving them the opportunity to ask him everything that they wanted to know about time travel and the future.

Noah revealed that he is part of a secret government organisation that sent him back in time to our present to stop a Mexican drug cartel. But, one member of his team went rogue resulting in the entire group being fired. Noah claims that he is now stuck in 2018.

In terms of how time travel works, Noah said that he was placed inside a giant dome that fired up like a rocket before an electric shock was sent through him, sending him through time. Then before he knew it he had left 2030 behind and was sitting in 2018.

Kyle and Jackie were completely fascinated! But it was time to get down to the juicy stuff. What is going to happen between now and the year 2030? And boy did we find out some crazy stuff!!

Here are the top five things that we learnt about the future during our chat with Noah.

1) Martin Luther King Jr’s Granddaughter will become President of the United States

Noah seemed to have a lot of information about the government in America claiming that Trump will be re-elected. He warned that he couldn’t reveal who would be President after Trump due to a scandal that they’re involved in (if he reveals information that could allow people to change major events it could create a paradox and break the space-time continuum…or something like that).

But he did reveal who would be President after this.

“It’s Yolanda Renee King…The Granddaughter of Martin Luther King Jr.”

2) You will be able to make genetic modifications to an unborn baby

One of our listeners was curious to find out if you could “design your own baby” in the future, meaning could you choose their hair and eye colour etc. And well, Noah confirmed that you can!

“Yeah, but there is some boundaries,” said Noah. “You can kind of avoid genetic diseases too which is really helpful.”

3) No one will use Instagram - But SnapChat and Facebook Watch will be all the rage

While this one may not be a life changing revelation, it’s no secret that Instagram is one of the more popular social media apps, and so it was very surprising to us that Insta would be phased out.

“Instagram is out. No one uses that,” said Noah. “But SnapChat is one of the big ones…and Facebook Watch is also going up.”

4) Scientists will be living on Mars

Kyle was curious to find out if people live on planets other than Earth in the future. Noah revealed that they do but it’s only for research purposes.

“They live there for scientific study. That’s how Mars is right now,” revealed Noah.

5) There is a pill that prevents you from ageing

It appears that scientists have found a way to bring the process of waging to a halt. And how does Noah know this? Because he has taken the medication himself in order to travel in time.

“When you time travel, you also gain time…so the pills prevent you from ageing, revealed Noah.

“I had to take these pills to make sure that I wouldn’t grow old while time travelling.”

Other predictions were made during the chat that were a bit more obvious including the fact that the US will go to war with North Korea and that Queen Elizabeth will pass away.

So there you have it; either this is what the world will look like in the year 2030 or our friend Noah here has a crazy imagination.

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