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EXCLUSIVE: Kyle Is Officially Heading Back To TV

ALL RISE: The honourable judge King Kyle Sandilands is here and court is in session!

That’s right people the rumours are true, our very own Kyle Sandilands is heading back to the world of TV with his very own Judge Judy style spinoff show with Network 10. It's called Trial By Kyle and it's going to settle all of the nasty legal battles and celebrity feuds out there.

Kyle made the announcement this morning on the show during Jackie’s O News segment.

"Talking about me judging, can I just throw a bit of O News in?" asked Kyle. "I'm known as a judge. Now a couple of months ago Jackie you mentioned in O News that there was some rumours that I was going to be doing some Judge Judy style show at Channel ten."

The rumours have been circling for a while but today Kyle confirmed once and for all that there was truth to it and he is officially heading back to our screens.

"The TV show, I've signed off on it," continued Kyle. "It's sort of like a Judge Judy thing, but it's called Trial By Kyle."

The way that the show will work is that people will come in with their various disputes and Kyle will rule a judgement on the situation. And according to Kyle the first case has already been decided on. He told us that a feud between a celebrity and a photographer would be appearing in his court room. 

"Celebrities going up against photographers, we've already got one of those locked in," Kyle revealed. He didn't confirm who the celebrity in question was but people have been speculating for some time that star of MAFS Nasser would make an appearance with a case against celebrity photographer Jayden Seyfarth. 

But it's not just celebrities that can take part, YOU could find yourself taking part in Kyle's TV show. Kyle has opened the doors to all of our listeners to call up and register if you think you've been hard done by by someone. 

"Let's throw it open to the listeners as well, if you've got an issue with someone, mother, brother, sister, neighbour, boss, whatever, and you think 'hey, I've been badly done by. I should be compensated'," Kyle said. "We're after just normal disputes as us, ring us, 13 1065, we'll put you down. You might get on the TV show."

Kyle hasn't yet decided if he will be the only judge on the show or if it will be a panel situation, but he did say that he would most likely bring in experts to take part in the jury to help him with specific cases. 

Find out more about the upcoming show in the video above!

Kyle has previously had a ton of experience in the television industry competing on two seasons of Big Brother, being a judge on Australian Idol and Australia's Got Talent, The X Factor and even producing his own show last year Meet The Hockers. 

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