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Kyle And Jackie Host Their Own MAFS Pop-Up Reunion

Kyle and Jackie have absolutely loved having having the contestants from Married At First Sight in studio and now that the show is officially over for the season they decided why not get ALL of them in for a special Kyle and Jackie O reunion!!

That’s right we didn’t just have one or two MAFS contestants on for a chat. This has to be some kind of show guest record because we literally had ELEVEN of the guys on this morning. Dean, Gab and Nasser dropped into the studio while Ryan, Blair, Sarah, Pat, Tracey, Troy, and both Sean's chimed on on the phone. 

And boy oh boy did they have a lot to say. In fact, it’s almost too hard to choose what the BIGGEST exclusive was from this mega interview, and so instead of picking just one we’ve decided to give you list of the most draw dropping BOMBSHELLS dropped during the chat.

1. Nasser said Sarah and Telv are “100%” not together

When the show finished up everyone thought that Sarah and Telv were still together. They both agreed to stay in their final vows and they looked pretty loved up in the reunion episode on the show. But according to Nasser all is not as it seems. He’s claiming that they’ve broken up and he’s so darn sure about it Nasser said he would bet his house on it!

2. Sarah fought back and revealed that Nasser had a girlfriend the whole time the show was filming

Sarah wasn’t having any of Nasser talking smack about her and Telv and so she decided to drop a bombshell about Nasser in return. This one probably shocked us the most, but Sarah claims that Nasser actually had a girlfriend on the outside the ENTIRE time that the show was filming! So was it all fake at the beginning when Nasser and Gab were all loved up?

3. Dean gives us the truth the rumours that he’s back with Davina

Rumours were circling that Dean and Davina have been seeing each other again after the show after both of them were spotted in Byron Bay. But Dean revealed that he hasn’t been in contact with Davina and he was actually up north for another girl!

4. Gab and Nasser don’t like each other at all anymore

Even though Gab and Nasser didn’t want to remain a couple we thought that they would always remain good friends. They had been through so much together and seemed to have a real connection, but apparently they don’t like each other at all now! In fact, Gab says that she’d refer to Nasser as more of an acquaintance than a friend. Ouch!

5. Sean, Jo’s Ex, is not actually as boring as he was shown on the show

This one isn’t really a bombshell but we found it pretty darn interesting. We almost forgot that there were two Sean’s on the show because Jo’s ex-hubby Sean was so boring an quiet throughout the entire season. But apparently this was all thanks to editing and the whole MAFS gang claim that he’s actually a really fun and outgoing guy! You could’ve fooled us.

Seriously this season of MAFS is the show that keeps on giving. What on earth are we going to do without it every night of the week?

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