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KJ Are CERTAIN Dean And Tracey Are Still Together

If you had asked us yesterday which couples on this season on MAFS were most likely to break up after the show our number one answer would have been Dean and Tracey…with Davina and Ryan being a very close second.

But today Kyle and Jackie O spoke to the controversial couple live on air to chat about their relationship after the infamous cheating scandal and after seeing them together we are completely confused.

In fact, we’re starting to get the inkling that these two have actually made things work and are still together! And Kyle and Jackie couldn’t agree more.

“We think they’re still together,” said Kyle after the couple left the studio. “They were too friendly…there was still spark there.

“Yeah they were too lovey,” added Jackie.

We know what you’re thinking, ‘that’s impossible!’. But just wait to pass your judgement until you’ve seen our evidence. We’ve compiled four moments from the chat that we had with Dean and Tracey that we think proves they’ve gone the distance!

1. They were very open about their sex life

KJ wanted to know about the night that Dean and Tracey slept together because this was apparently the moment that changed Dean’s mind and convinced him to commit to Tracey.

Now we don’t know about you, but if we were with an ex talking on live radio about our sex life we would not feel comfortable at all. In fact, we’d shut that down ASAP.

But these two were an open book and happy to joke around about the night in question! And just look at their faces…they certainly look very satisfied if ya know what we mean.

2. They were very giggly and touchy feely

Jackie acknowledged that the pair couldn’t outright confirm or deny if they’re still together as per their MAFS contracts, but this didn’t stop her from making an interesting observation.

“From watching you being here in studio you’re touching each other and you seem vey affectionate towards one another,” she said.

Dean and Tracey just look at each other, smile and giggle…you just KNOW something is going on there.

3. Tracey defended Dean’s cheating actions

If you’ve ever personally been scorned by a cheating partner before than you would know that there’s no way in hell that you would defend said partner’s actions…unless you’re still together that is!

A listener called up to shame Dean and ask Tracey why on earth she gave him another chance.

“Cheating isn’t black and white there’s so many grey areas,” said Tracey. Hmm she’s being a little bit too supportive to be an ex there if you ask us!

4. Dean said some loving things about their relationship…in the PRESENT tense!

Okay in our opinion this one is the most telling. Dean was smashed with hard questions from our listeners with one asking how Tracey could trust that Dean wouldn’t stray again. Ya know the saying, once a cheater always a cheater.

But take a close look at Dean’s response, and notice that he uses PRESENT tense instead of past when discussing their relationship.

“Tracey and I have a really strong bond, we have a really strong connection…and I’m really glad she gave me a second chance.”

Like Kyle said, they’re WAY too friendly for there to be nothing there…But I guess we’ll have to wait and see to find out for sure. Married at First Sight continues tonight at 7:30pm on Channel 9.

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