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Kathy Griffin Going To The White House Correspondents Dinner

Comedian Kathy Griffin saw some serious repercussions after she published a video to YouTube holding what appeared to be a severed Donald Trump head in May last year.

ICYMI, the video showed Kathy was seen with a straight face as she slowly lifted the bloody head up to the camera, resulting in an uproar from offended people. Kathy lost work and was even added to an Interpol travelling list after the video.

But apparently, the move was not enough to get her banned completely from the White House! Kathy spoke with Kyle and Jackie O this morning and revealed the surprising news that she had actually been invited to the prestigious White House Correspondents Dinner!

During a news break off air Kyle, Jackie and Kathy had been catching up like old friends when Brooklyn our gay news reader came up. And this is when Kathy revealed that because of the gay community, she has managed to land an invite to the White House event!

“I am attending, keep in mind after the Trump photo scandal where I’m holding up the mask with ketchup on it, of Donald Trump, and a two month investigation,” started Kathy. “So I’ve been invited and will be attending this coming Saturday the White House Correspondent’s Dinner.”

Now can we just say, Kathy had the BIGGEST smile on her face as she announced this to our KIIS listeners with just a hint of glee in her voice. She even applauded herself!

Of course this is interesting because you would assumed that Kathy would not be welcome in the home of the President whom she openly mocks. But Kathy has received an invitation and it’s all thanks to the LGBTQI community!

“I’m not going to be welcome, it’s going to be, how should I say, polarising,” said Kathy. “I’m a guest of the Washington Blade, the oldest LGBTQI newspaper in DC. So I’m going as their guest. They can’t keep me out, even though who knows what they’ll do.”

So we bet you’re thinking, gosh wouldn’t we love to be a fly on the wall to witness the moment that Kathy and Trump come face to face within his home… But unfortunately this isn’t actually going to happen because as Kathy puts it, “Trump is too much of a p*ssy to go.”

“He didn’t go last year, he’s not going this year,” explained Kathy. “He can’t take a joke ! He really can’t take a joke.”

Yes, no doubt Donald Trump’s Twitter would be on FIRE if he were to attend the dinner dissing celebrities one after another. After all, as Kyle put it, the dinner is known for getting the press together just to take the piss out of the President.

But Kathy says despite the fact that Donald Trump won’t attend the Correspondent’s Dinner himself, he will surely have his spies there to find out what’s going on.

“I’m just saying, he’s probably having the Russian’s spy on the whole thing and he’ll get a direct feed from the Kremlin or something.”

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