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Eddie Mcguire Suing FB For Fake Erectile Dysfunction Ad

You might remember a few weeks ago when Kyle was caught up in a fake news scandal that claimed that he had created a bitcoin company and was making millions of dollars from it.

If you thought this was real, you’ve been fooled by the scam. Kyle’s name and image was used to advertise this fake news to help make a product look more legit.

And now it seems that another Aussie has been caught up in a similar scam and he’s taking it very seriously. In fact, he’s threatening to take Facebook to court over the ordeal.

President of Collingwood and TV and radio personality, Eddie McGuire, has made the shocking discovery that his image was used in a fake article, advertising him as an ambassador for erectile dysfunction medication.

The ad posted to Facebook copied the look of GQ magazine’s website and suggested that McGuire had promoted a type of viagra called “TryVexan” on popular American talk show Dr Phil. Eddie spoke with Kyle and Jackie O this morning to explain how he found out that he’d been caught up in the Facebook scam.

“A couple of Collingwood people rang me up as well and said ‘have you seen this’ and I hadn’t at that stage,” explained Eddie. “This was just on Sunday and then it took off yesterday.

“Part of it’s come through some mob in Panama and then through a web based site out of New York City. So people have gone through a bit of trouble to muddy the waters on this.”

The article in question also published fake quotes from McGuire saying, “I’ve tried Viagra, I’ve tried Red Ginseng, I’ve tried Cialis. TryVexan blows them all away. I am so confident in the product Dr Phil and I have created that I am offering free samples to our viewers.”

McGuire is now adamant in suing Facebook over the fake news story that he believes is not only completely false but is actually defamatory.

“The legal team down here, Gordon legal in Melbourne, they’re all over it and in fact they’ve rung me this morning and the QCs are lining up so we’re in,” said Eddie.

“I think now that Zuckerberg has got up in front of Capital Hill last week and started to take some responsibility for what Facebook has been doing, people are starting to jump on it and say enough’s enough and we’re not going to get bullied by this anymore.

“Facebook, they’re a massive international company and if they’re going to head down a news highway, well you’ve got to play by the same rules as everyone else.”

Eddie has assured everyone that he has never met Dr Phil nor has he had anything to do with this product and he is warning people to stay away from it.

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