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Dennis Rodman Reveals What Friendship With Kim Jong Is Like

World Peace seems to be a thought on everyone’s minds this morning thanks to Donald Trump’s successful talks with Kim Jong Un as the surprising result of the historic Singapore Summit settles in.

Yesterday, the two leaders met face-to-face for the first time ever to discuss their differences and various policies. After a “really fantastic” meeting, the pair sat down to sign a document, stating that they would work together towards the denuclearisation the Korean Peninsula while the US promised to end joint military exercises with South Korea.

A lot of work has gone into making this ground-breaking meeting happen, but one unlikely person who seems to have played a major role in bringing Trump and Kim together is former NBA player turned world peace-keeper Dennis Rodman.

The American athlete was overjoyed by the result of the Singapore Summit yesterday and even broke down to tears during an interview with CNN. Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning he said that he was overcome with emotion because two of his close friends, Trump and Kim, had finally been brought together.

“It was a very exciting day for Singapore and the people around the world,” said Dennis. “I hope people enjoyed the fact that they were trying to make amends for certain things that are overdue.”

Dennis Rodman Opens Up About Emotional Interview With CNN

“Love is love. Love is always in the air no matter how you look at it,” continued Dennis. “And no matter which country we’re in, whatever situation we have, the people have understanding that we can forgive people…we’re all about giving people chances.”

The world now has high hopes for the new friendship that has formed between US President Donald Trump and North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un as they ate a decadent lunch together and perused Trump’s luxury cars together after their meeting.

And if anyone is to thank for this new US and North Korea Bond, it’s none other than Dennis Rodman. In fact, Dennis was renowned for travelling to North Korea many years ago where he created a “close bond” with Kim Jong-Un.

Speaking about how this friendship started, Dennis told Kyle and Jackie that it had nothing to do with politics originally.

“For me it was the best way to do that because I wasn’t trying to go over there to try and be, you know, a force of reason for everyone in the world I was just trying to connect the two countries together for sports,” revealed Dennis.

“And all of a sudden we became really, really good friends after the first visit. And ever since then we’ve just been friend’s ever since. I think that he actually has a close bond with me.”

So what does a friendship with Kim Jong-Un entail? Well according to Dennis, it’s just like any normal friendship. In fact, they even bonded on his first trip to North Korea over a game of HORSE on the basketball court, which is essentially a basketball drill used to work on shooting baskets.

“My first visit over there we went to the basketball court to play HORSE and so uh, he loves basketball,” laughed Dennis.

Dennis Rodman With North Korean Basketball Team At Pyongyang Indoor Stadiumundefined

Kyle and Jackie were in awe of Dennis for managing to assist in mending the bridge between the US and North Korea, and it seems that Dennis himself was shocked at what he was able to achieve.

“Not too many athletes fit in with North Korea and really have successful visits and try to move forward and try to get something accomplished. It’s fortunate for me I had the opportunity, especially when the times have changed and we’re moving into the 21st century and I think that a lot of people have opened their eyes,” explained Dennis. “Especially for me, a basketball player, black, 6ft 8.”

Listen to the entire interview with Dennis Rodman in the video below!

Kyle And Jackie O's Full Interview With Dennis Rodman

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