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TERRIFYING Signs That Have Dad Sure His Daughter's Possessed

It’s been a spooky few days on the Kyle and Jackie O Show! It all started when Bruno told us all about a rather strange experience he had with his daughter over the weekend where she said her first word…murder!

It prompted a number of people to call up and tell us their own scary experiences with their children, one of which was concerned father Sebastian.

Yesterday he called up looking for help because he is convinced that his 8-year-old daughter has been possessed by a demon!

Sebastian explained the terrifying signs that lead him to believe that an evil spirit has taken over his daughter’s body.

“She changes, her demeanour changes,” Sebastian said to Kyle and Jackie. “And when she does these things, she doesn’t remember doing it. It’s like it’s not her in that time and moment.”

Take a listen to some of the seriously spooky things that Sebastian’s daughter has been doing in the video below.

Sebastian said that they were bringing in professional help to help remove the supernatural spirits from her daughters body and today he called back into the show to give us an update.

The men who had come to help Sebastian’s daughter managed to find an item in her room that they believe might have conjured up the evil spirit and that was an upside down cross that had been tucked below her bed.

But unfortunately, in terms of helping free the poor girl things went from bad to worse. Listen to Sebastian’s seriously heart-stopping update in the video above!

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