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Couple Caught Having Sex In Domino’s Speak Out

You may have read about a couple that were caught having sex in the middle of their local Domino’s Pizza shop while they were waiting for their extra large pepperoni to come out of the oven.

Today, Kyle and Jackie O had an exclusive chat with the couple, Daniella and Craig, and found out why - just why - they felt the need to do… that… in the middle of the store.

"We like the risk, we have sex at least times times a day every day. Probably about once a week in public.”

They divulged that it’s the ‘thrill’ that keeps them hooked to shagging in public, with that being more than reflective of the footage that saw Daniella perform oral sex on her boyfriend, before she leans over the counter and Craig pulls down her underpants and goes for it THEN and THERE as an unsuspecting Domino’s worker makes their pizza about a metre away from them.

When asked about the other places the couple had had sex publicly, Daniella listed some off; “the back of a bus, in a hotel swimming pool, the middle of a field…'

She also informed Kyle and Jackie O that it was Craig’s birthday today.

“Oh, what will you guys do TODAY?!” Kyle asked.

"We’ll probably go shag in reception," Daniella said.

“We’ll start in the hotel room but you never know where we’ll end up, we have to top Domino’s!” Craig said.


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