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Sheen Reveals Which Star Tried To Lure Him Into Scientology

This morning Kyle and Jackie O had an exclusive chat with Charlie Sheen, and he opened up about a number of topics.

One topic that did come up is the topic of Scientology.

Jackie asked him if any Hollywood celeb had ever tried to lure him into the religion.

‘Yes, actually. There was one - and she’s a dear friend of mine. It’s Kelly Preston, who’s married to John Travolta.’

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‘They’ve been together forever, they’ll probably end up that way.’

The conversation then quickly turned to John Travolta and the rumours surrounding his sexuality.

‘Do you think those rumours about him and the massage parlours is true?’ Kyle asked.

‘I have a rule now, if I wasn’t there, I can’t possibly harbour an opinion.’

‘People are always so up on my shit, so when I’m asked about other people, I stop and think to myself, ‘Charlie, were you there?’ and if I wasn’t, I reign it in.

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