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Bow Wow Opens Up About Filming Music Video At Salim's House

This morning we had Shad Moss aka Bow Wow in studio to talk about all the awesome things he’s up to.

He’s doing a new show, ‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ and new music - and Jackie asked him about that time he filmed the music video for his song, ‘Too Real’ in controversial former Auburn Deputy Mayor Salim Mehajer’s mansion…

‘You filmed your music video at Salim Mehajer’s house, do you know who Salim is?’ Jackie asked.

‘I do now. haha!’

‘When I first met him, and I never judge anyone when I first meet them you know, I was attracted to, you know… his lifestyle is kind of like a rapper’s lifestyle. He had the house, the cars…'

‘I shot my music video in his house and used, I believe it was one of his Ferraris for my video. He was a cool guy when I met him, I mean I didn’t judge him, I just said ‘this guy must be LOADED the way his house is’, like this guy’s gotta have so much money!’

‘Then when I got back home, a couple of friends of mine who I do business with called me, oh actually I saw a news feed that came to our e-mail and it had my name in it… and I was like, what happened here?!’

‘It wasn’t GOOD press, and I was like oh man, and then I found out I was like I’m sorry to hear that man.’

‘I just want the house, I’ve seen that the house was for sale. I’ve seen that it’s three grand a week, and I’m trying to convert that to US… like I might get that for 2 grand…’

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