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BIG Revelation Following Marshall’s Radio Game

When couples come in studio to take part in ‘Cost of Love’, normally they’re a little nervous, but we’ve never seen anything like Benji Marshall.

He came in studio with his wife Zoe for a very special round of the game that tests how well you know each other.

Knowing the game - and his wife - it’s safe to say Benj was sweating.

So, when they got on air, there was a question about his ‘Mad Monday’ antics and the worst thing he’s ever done, and during his answer, which he REALLY didn’t want to give, he revealed Zoe probably wouldn’t know the worst thing he’d ever done… He then revealed, he had peed himself, but then took it back.

Vomiting on himself was the next answer, but that was quite a common activity during Mad Monday celebrations.

Next there was the question EVERY couple inevitably fights over, ‘who’s the worst with money?’

Benji revealed that Zoe keeps his money in check, but that he likes going out and eating and having coffee with friends.

‘I knew we’d get this question because she has a lot of things around me with money.’

‘We’re having some therapy around this right now,’ Zoe slipped in.

‘Yeah, seriously!’ Benji echoed.

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