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Ben Fordham Challenges Kyle To A ‘Ninja Warrior’ Contest

Ben Fordham was in studio with Kyle and Jackie O this morning to promote the upcoming season of Ninja Warrior; the show that sees tons of people push themselves to their fitness limits to make it through an extreme obstacle course.

In spirit of the show, Ben decided to give Kyle a ‘Ninja Warrior’ challenge of his own and he even promised a little bit of incentive if he agreed to participate.

“I was thinking of giving you a challenge this morning. Can I give you a challenge?”, asked Ben.

“You know there’s that charity you support that’s to do with the animals? [Zambi Wildlife Retreat] If you were able to get out of your set, run to the newsroom, and run back and get into your seat in under sixty seconds…I’ll donate $1000 to the charity.”

Kyle was reluctant at first, but he couldn’t really say no when money to help his beloved animals was at stake. And so he agreed to take part in the challenge.

But was he successful? Watch the video above to find out!

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