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Nick Cummins Once Kissed A Bloke And Dressed Up In Drag

Well after meeting Nick ‘The Honey Badger’ Cummins this morning we reckon Kyle will finally be excited to watch this season of the Bachelor!

Usually we hear Kyle complaining that the guys Channel Ten chooses for their leading man in the reality dating show is too soft or too boring, but not Nick! And he proved as much this morning!

Not only is The Honey Badger one heck of a funny bloke but it also seems that he’s as wild as they come!

Speaking with Kyle and Jackie O this morning Nick told the guys about some of the mischief that he’s been up to. And being a rugby player who partakes in the infamous Mad Monday celebrations, he’s got some seriously CRAZY stories to tell!

For those unaware, Mad Monday is a tradition in footy where the players come together to celebrate the end-of-season and they usually get pretty rowdy.

One of Nick’s experiences included some drag and a bit of an ‘Oops I Did It Again’ outfit that had all of the other footy guys frothing.

It all came about when Jackie asked if Nick had ever cut off all of his curly locks.

“I’ve straightened it for a Mad Monday a few times,” he replied. “Yeah I went as Britney Spears, fishnet stockings yeah, it was a blast! “Weird thing was though as the day went on the boys, you know they had a couple, the looks started to get longer. Yeah they started to like me a little bit.”

Now of course this encouraged Kyle, who we guess always wants to try and make himself feel better about that fact that he once got busy with a transexual, to ask if anything had ever happened between Nick and the other boys.

And well it turns out that there’s been more than just footy prep and strategising going on between the team mates…and it all went down once again at a Mad Monday celebration.

“Yeah I’ve kissed a bloke,” said Nick. “It was one of those things on Mad Monday, the court sessions.”

But Nick did go on to say that it was all completely harmless.

“But everyones got to understand that the next day nothing happened. You just move on…We all understand it’s been a big year and we let off a bit of steam. You know we’re all men.”

Kyle seemed very intrigued by the party nature of the football industry. In fact he decided that we need to initiate our own Mad Friday here in the radio world to celebrate the end of surveys!

“I reckon radio should have a Mad Friday, so we can get a little bit of weird shit and crazy stuff happening and have an excuse for it,” said Kyle.

We can only just imagine what crazy stories Kyle would have to tell if we had this kind of party…

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