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Aussie Woman To Marry Her Terminally Ill Partner

When Emily met Tim while working at McDonalds, it was love at first sight.

So much so, that when Emily's Aunt Helen, who has always been very protective of Emily, met Tim, she knew that she didn't have to worry about her anymore - and that as long as they had each other, they'd be okay.


Unfortunately, Tim and Emily didn't receive the happy ending they envisioned.

Tim has leukemia - and isn't expected to live until the end of the year.

Since age 11, Tim has been in and out of treatment and has even undergone a bone marrow transplant - but tragically, doctors recently advised him that the cancer had made it into his blood stream and there was nothing further they could do to help him.

With that in mind, Tim and Emily, who are madly in love - plan to get married in three weeks time.


With their family and friends in full support, they want them to have the most amazing day ever - and so did Kyle and Jackie O.

They knew that pulling a day like this together would be tough, so they sought out the help of the amazing people at Port Media, who have kindly offered to put together a beautiful, unique wedding video package of Emily and Tim's big day.

Kyle and Jackie O have also offered to provide Tim and Emily and their wedding guests with champagne, refreshments and appetisers.

Tim and Emily also had their hearts set on having their wedding reception at the Port Macquarie Mercure Centro Hotel, and when the owners heard about that, did everything they could to make it happen for them. The hotel is gifting the couple their ENTIRE reception! That's right the whole evening will be looked after with no bill to pay at the end.

But that's not all.

Emily's Aunt Helen also told the guys that Tim is a great musician who likes to sing and play in a bid to distract himself from everything else that's going on in his life. So the legends at Port Macquarie Guitars are giving Tim a brand new Maton guitar just for him.

A huge thank you to everyone who got on board to help this extraordinary couple enjoy an unforgettable day, we wish them the very best.

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