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Apollo Wants To Be The Next Bachelor, Ladies

When you think of the kind of man who’s the Bachelor?

You pretty much picture a guy like Apollo. He’s a magician, he sings, he’s got the kind of body normally reserved only for the Chippendale stage, and he can HORSE WHISPER.

He’s also the most UN-24 24-year-old we’ve ever come across, what that means is, he’s FAR more mature than his 24 years.

When Sophie sent him home last night, women everywhere let out a sigh of relief… he was still available, and another lucky women would get her chance with the breadstick enthusiast.

According to a report on, he’s up for the challenge.

“It would work, people have seen me on the show — I guess they’ve seen a snapshot but there’s so much more to me,” he told News Corp.

“I’m still looking for love but I’d want to attract the right girls who are in it for the right reasons.”

But Apollo, or Jake Spence, if you want to go by his real name, also has feelings, and revealed that upon being eliminated from the show, ordered a ‘bunch’ of pizzas and read over the diary he’d kept during the whole Bachelorette process.

He also told Kyle and Jackie O this morning that he’d suffered a heart attack a few years ago, forcing him to lose weight when the decision between life and death landed at his feet.

After that, he wrote music seriously, focusing on the love and zest for life he inherited, following the scare. Hot, deep, emotional, funny, MAGIC?

Is there anything not to love about Apollo?

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