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Aaron Carter Speaks Out About His Relationship With Nick

This morning, Kyle and Jackie O spoke to Aaron Carter, who opened up about his announcement as a ‘bi-curious’ man, his split from his girlfriend - and his relationship with his brother Nick.

The pair’s relationship has always been reported as ‘troubled' - and today the guys decided to find out once and for all where they stand.

‘Nick has come out and said your family has a ‘complicated’ dynamic, is that true?’ Jackie asked.

‘Absolutely,’ Aaron revealed.

‘Why do you think that is?’ Jackie asked.

‘I have no idea. It’s funny how Nick can make statements like that but not open up about what it means, but I can.’

‘Is it because you grew up in the limelight?' she asked.

‘It means because we grew up in this industry, there’s a lot of neglect, not bad neglect, but accidental neglect… my parents were always on the road with me or my brother.’

‘I think they [my parents] raised me pretty good, I want to be a daddy one day, and raise my kid how my dad raised me. I want to have a family.’

‘Nick and I have always had a troublesome relationship, Nick tried to buy ‘Fool’s Gold’ from me two Januarys ago, and I said no, I’m keeping it for myself, and it hit the top 50 Spotify viral charts.’

‘…that kind of summaries my relationship with my brother.’

They then went on to THAT DUI, which Nick tweeted about, reaching out to his brother after the charges were made public.

'To my brother: I love u no matter what & if u feel the need to reach for help, I am here and willing to help you get better," Nick, 27, wrote on Twitter. "Family isn't always easy, be we're all here for you.'

Aaron was arrested for driving under the influence and pot possession, and his then girlfriend, Madison Parker, was taken into custody for pot-related offences.

‘When I got this alleged DUI, which is alleged okay, because I still have my licence and I’m still driving, there’s a reason for that, legally I can't speak of that, but theres a reason for that.

‘… but that will be resolved too, and you’ll see that, I’ll make sure of it.’

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