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12-YO Boy With Brain Tumour Rejected By Every Doctor But One

Can you imagine if you discovered your child had a brain tumour? One day he or she is perfectly healthy, and the next, they’re fighting for their lives.

You can find Ziad's GoFundMe page here...

For Ziad and his family, surgery is now their only option to save his life, as doctors say without it, he’ll suffer visual impairment, compromised body functions, memory loss and paralysis within 12 months - and he’ll be dead in five years.

The tumour has already grown 8mm in 8 weeks, and if the family don’t raise the $100,000 needed for the surgery, it will continue to grow.


Surgery almost wasn’t even an option for Ziad, as they struggled to find a willing surgeon to perform the procedure needed to save his life because it was deemed ‘inoperable’.

You can find Ziad's GoFundMe page here...

Thankfully, the family have found the only surgeon willing to remove this tumour and take the action to save this beautiful 12-year-old boy’s life; Dr. Charlie Teo.

So far, the family have managed to raise over $66,000 of the $100,000, but they need your help to get him locked in for life-saving surgery.

The family have a special message below:

On behalf of Trudie, Amin, Jordan, Makayla and all of those who love him we thank you for taking the time to hear our story and for your support in any way you are able to give it.

Any money you can donate will go towards saving the life of a truly deserving little boy and his loving family, who have run out of options.

You can find Ziad's GoFundMe page here...

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