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What This Man Hears in This Haunted Building is Freaky AF


Every Thursday we do ‘Tingly Tursday’ with the intent of getting goose bumps or ‘the tingles’ from a spooky story told to us by a caller.

This week we heard from an international ghost hunter, Sean Reynolds who was investigating a court house near Manchester near England.


The building, which is now a pub, dates back to the 18th-century and as Sean told Hughesy and Kate many people were trialled in the old court and even sentenced to death.

“We heard so much about what happened (there) we had to investigate,” Sean said.

He told Hughesy and Kate that there have been many claims of the paranormal activity in the building like distant voices and echoing footsteps.

So on this occasion when Sean visited the building he heard something very eerie and unexplained.

A muffled female voice coming from the hallway saying “I Never.”


Reynolds believes the voice is from a woman who was tried in the old courtroom and was sentenced to death and she was pleading her innocence. 

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