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Rebecca Maddern Slams Claims She Was Insulted by Banner

Hughesy & Kate have cleared up exactly how The Footy Show’s female co-host Rebecca Maddern felt after last night being ridiculed on the program with a “Shrek banner” by her co-hosts, including Hughesy himself.

The seasoned broadcaster appeared shocked on screen last night as he co-hosts revealed a banner mocking her appearance but she told Hughesy & Kate that she wasn’t surprised by the skit and had taken it in good humour.

“That’s what the footy show is about” she told the radio duo.

“We have fun, we mock the boys, and the boys mock me and that’s what the whole show is about.”

“…I actually think it’s hilarious.”

A flurry of online outrage followed last night’s segment but Maddern said she didn’t think they needed to be, even telling of how her husband found the skit so hilarious he texted her during the show!


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