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Hughesy Shares His Side of the Story About Channel Seven

Hughesy’s prediction that he’ll never work at Channel 7 after his brutal Logies roasting on boss Tim Worner may actually be true however Worner has slammed this saying the “door remains wide open”.

He believes someone at Channel 7 axed him from a new game show which ironically is called ‘Behave Yourself’ after Worner himself texted Hughes to tell him there were no hard feelings.

Hughesy said this afternoon on the show, that he was originally asked to appear on the new Channel Seven program but after agreeing to the offer, it was rejected by executives at Seven.

However, Channel Seven CEO Tim Worner has revealed that this was not a decision he was made aware of and he’s welcome anytime.

Statement from Worner, “We’ve been trying to get Dave on Channel 7 for years, and that door remains wide open. He’s welcome here anytime his schedule is clear (in fact we’ll put the kettle on)”

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