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Sophie Monk in Bed with Kanye! [PARODY]

Kanye West has been taking a leaf out of his wife's book lately.

The rapper tried his best to break the internet Kim K style with his latest music video release.

Famous is the track which includes THAT line about Taylor Swift (I made that b**ch famous...) and the video controversially features a heap of naked celebs lying asleep beside each other on a massive bed.

There's Kim, Amber Rose, George Bush, Donald Trump and Rihanna to name a few, along with poor old Taylor Swift of course.

But WAIT there's more! We've got the EXCLUSIVE secret second video that Kanye shot with our very own Sophie Monk!

Kanye and Soph are joined by Kim, Harry Styles, Sophie's BFF Kelly Osbourne and Australia's own Sia!

Check out the hilarious parody below, the similarities are endless!! 

And we couldn't leave you without showing you the original Kanye vid, in all it's glory.

Behold - Kanye West at his crazy best.

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