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Sophie Monk and Matty Acton are back to chase any cheeky winter blues away when they team up for The Fling across KIIS Sydney and Melbourne.

Over the Christmas break, Sophie & Matty took over the airwaves with their show The Summer Fling while KIIS Network’s breakfast teams took a well-deserved rest.
The show was packed with the hottest celebrity gossip, fun interviews and plenty of laughs as Sophie & Matty tackled the tough topics like the origins of swear words and why men don’t have breasts… seriously.

And now the duo are back to give audiences that much needed energy boost and take the chill out of frosty winter mornings with The Fling.

Kicking off on June 27, The Fling will keep KIIS FM listeners in Sydney and Melbourne up to date with celebrity news and interviews, great music and, of course, all the crazy breakfast antics you’ve come to expect from Sophie & Matty.