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Yumi Scored Her Perfect Pair Of Jeans For $9.95. Guess Where

So there's short girl problems.

Then there are short girl wins. 

And Yumi had a major win the other day when purchasing a pair of jeans.

The fact that Yumi is petite and little means that she can often fit into kids clothes. 

With this in mind, you'll never guess where she found the 'perfect pair of jeans'...

ALDI! In the kids section.

Somehow, Yumi found the perfect cut in the young boys clothes section. 

Go figure!

"I bought 12 year old boy jeans... and they fit me perfect and that's my new jeans," Yumi admitted.

"$9.95 I think."

Monty and Yumi also admitted to often going into Cotton On Kids, Seed Kids and the children's section of Kmart to find pants that don't need altering. 

Short. Tall. Seems there are always perks to go with the downfalls!

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