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Yumi’s Frustrations With Tourists

Today on the show, Yumi got talking about how much she loves Sydney and visiting the fish market to buy food, but always struggles because its “teaming with tourists!”

“I love to go to the fish market when I’m in Sydney…BUT it's always teaming with tourists”

“and even though it’s a fresh batch of tourists they all act exactly the same”

“It’s like groundhog day.”

Monty, a little unsure of where Yumi was heading with this, reluctantly let her continue…

“Ok, here’s what they do that make me absolutely CRAZY! They walk really slowly!”

“Then when they’re walking very slowly, they stop very suddenly, so if you’re walking behind them you bump into them- it’s very selfish!

“and WHY do these people, who come from obviously crowded metropolises then stand in the doorway?!!”

Monty questioned if Yumi was simply being racist..“this is just really racist with a fishy smell on it!!”

But Yumi insisted it’s just a bugbear she has with every tourist.

“It’s just tourists in general.”

What are your thoughts? Let us know what tourists do that bug you!

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