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You Won't Believe Where Yumi's 1YO Led Her Hubby To

They may be little, but kids have an innate way of ruling the household.

No better example than Yumi’s hubby’s recent excursion with their one year old son, lovingly named Manbaby.

Martin decided to embark on an experiment with manbaby, following wherever he pointed.

He could never have guessed where they would end up…

Big nugget, little nugget ❤

A post shared by Yumi Stynes (@yumichild) on

“The other day Martin my hubby thought he’d just indulge manbaby completely – which is pretty much how he operates all the time

“So he’s carrying manbaby around and manbaby is pointing and he clearly wants to go somewhere, so Martin decided to just follow him wherever his finger pointed.

“He pointed out the door, out the kitchen, along the porch, out the front gate… - still pointing - so luckily Martin had his shoes on.

“Out they go, round the corner, still pointing, very insistent.

“Down the street past the shops, into the sushi bar, then to the sushi train, sitting on the stool, and then points to some inari sushi… and sits down and starts eating!

“He is so my son! SO Japanese, but also so bossy - that’s me as well!”

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