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Would You Trust Your Man With This Delicate Task? Bec Did

Three pregnancies, four kids. That's a lot of doctor visits for Bec Judd and hubby Chriss. 

It also means a number of months where Bec can hardly see her feet let alone being able to contort herself to reach other, well, certain areas. 

The 34-year-old made a candid admission about her personal grooming while pregnant. And it involves Chris. 

Once a week her loyal hubby would shave her legs - which is cute. 

But would you let your husband shave your WOO HOO completely bare? 

One slip could end in tragedy! 

Apparently Bec would! And we admire Chris' willingness to take on such a challenge. 

At least there was a clean  hair free area to work with in the end. 

WATCH Bec explain her personal grooming choice above. 

Meanwhile, Monty and Bec shared their tips on how to prevent any little ones walking in while they are getting hot and heavy. 

And how the plan to approach the birds sand the bees discussion when their kids reach that age.

One of Bec's friends has the most hilarious experience. 

No Healthy Harold in sight! 

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