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Would You Share Your Childbirth Video With Friends & Family?

Would you show friends and family videos of you giving birth?

And we’re not talking shots of your face in agony and the view above the sheets…

Monty Dimond admitted on the 3pm Pick Up that her mum filmed the birth of both of her children.

Not only that but she has re-watched those beautiful / agonising moments time and time again.

AND has shown them to a number of friends and family!

Monty and Yumi Stynes praised all those mother’s out there.

“Every time I see a pregnant woman I think ‘You’re a hero. You’re an absolute hero’,” Monty said.

Mother of four, Yumi, chipped in with “you’re a goddess, you are creating human life”!

The conversation started after the girls stumbled across a viral video doing the rounds of a woman that is under the effect of morphine and painkillers after childbirth.

Completely unaware of the feat that she just mastered, she was filmed by her husband as she tried to register where she was and what was going on.

The video is quite hilarious as the poor mother confuses her husband with her brother and forgets that there is a baby in the corner of the room. 

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