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Would You Put Up With This At Your Child’s Day Care Centre?

We all know about the morning rush.

The time it takes to get both yourself and the kids ready and out the door.

But sometimes even if you’re in a rush, common courtesy should take precedent.

Yumi Stynes was reminded of this recently, when taking her two-and-a-half-year-old daughter, Mercy, to day care.

“Have you noticed at day care people are really friendly, they make such an effort to be friendly?” Yumi began.

“The mums and dads when they are doing drop off… we’re in this together, we all know what the other parent suffers, the early mornings, blah, blah, blah.”

Apparently that attitude was nowhere to be seen on this specific day…

“The other day I was at the front gate of day care trying to drop Mercy off – she’s two and a half – and she’s starting to learn her numbers and she’s quite cute with them,” she said.

“So, I was trying to help her punch the numbers into the gate to unlock the gate and get in, and of course she stuffed it up and we had to do it again.

“We were standing there slowly going through it and this mum came up, she was in a bit of a rush, you could tell by her body language and the speed at which she approached the gate.

“And I was like ‘oh, sorry, Mercy is just having a go at pushing the numbers’ and she reached through me between Mercy and I to push the numbers on the gate herself and pushed the gate open!

“I was like, wow, she’s very important and she’s in a big rush, we’ll just try and get out of her way but we were standing right there so we had to go ahead of her to get in.

“It was pretty rude… But I get it sometimes you’re just a bit mad because you’ve got 50 things on and you’re not thinking about other people.”

Monty was quick to quip back to Yumi’s quick forgiveness.

“But she could say, ‘Oh can I just get through quickly please’!” Monty said.

But that isn’t the end of the story.

Not even close!

And this is where Yumi’s real frustration came about…

“She didn’t do that because she was too important to talk… What really spun me out Monty was as we are trying to get her way and scurry forth to the door to get through she rams my ankles with the front wheel of the pram she was pushing!”

“I was really trying to channel my sympathetic mum…

“But for the rest of the day I was carrying it around with me, going ‘what a piece of work? Who does she think she is? We are all very important? We are all very busy!”

How would you react if a fellow parent acted like that when you were dropping your own child off at day care? 

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