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Why Monty’s Son Won’t Use The School Toilet Breaks our Heart

Monty’s eldest son Baxter, 5, has started at prep this year and while most things have gone swimmingly… one problem has come about.

Turns out young Bax, the poor little man, has been too scared to use the school bathrooms – to the point that he just holds it in each day.

Making school pick up a sprint to get back home to the bathroom.

Three weeks into the school year and there has been a breakthrough!

But Monty was feeling pretty guilty – she wasn’t asking the 5-year-old the right questions to figure out why he wouldn’t go to the toilet.

“Yesterday I said to him, ‘how did you go did you go to the toilet?’” Monty said.

“I did mum, I went,” was his happy reply.

“[My friend] Raffy needed to go and I went with him, I just was scared to close the door.

“Mum you know how I don’t like doors closed.”

It was then the parental guilt crept over Monty…

“At home not one door can be closed – he will always go to the toilet with the bathroom door open, we can’t close his door at night, even the hallway door if he hears it close he cries and screams,” she continued.

“He’s scared about doors for some reason.

“And he was holding it in because he couldn’t hold the bathroom door open at school.

“He said because Raffy was there he practiced opening the door with his little mate standing there and he figured out he can close it, so now he can go to the toilet at school.”

At least it ended well!

We hope Baxter doesn’t have any other toilet troubles in prep! 

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