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Why Monty Refuses To Use The Word "Fat" Around Her Kids

Monty and Yumi had the AMAZING Sarah Harry in studio this afternoon to chat about her fantastic new book, Fat Yoga: Yoga For All Bodies.

But the book's title quickly sparked a conversation about how we use the word fat - and whether we should be using it all.

"When I hear fat, it's jarring to me," Monty said. "I try not to use that word at home, I try not to use any body descriptions around my kids."


The lovely Sarah Harry with Monty

But while Sarah agreed about not using the f- word in front of children, she explained that she has used the word for a good reason.

"It's a reclaim of that word. We're reclaiming it," Sarah told Monty and Yumi. "With my kids, I use bigger and smaller bodies, and I also say all bodies are good bodies.

"There are ways you can describe bodies that aren't offensive; that word is very loaded, but I've used it very specifically."

If you want your own copy of Fat Yoga: Yoga For All Bodies, or you want to head to your own Fat Yoga class, you can get all the info you need right here!

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