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The Father Of John Benet Ramsey Has FINALLY Revealed All

In a world exclusive, Meshel Laurie spoke to the father of JonBenet Ramsey.

Twenty years ago, JonBenet went missing in her family home and was found later that day dead in the family cellar.

The crime has never been solved and in the last few months has been thrown back into the spotlight by an American documentary that planned to solve the crime.

In the documentary, it is alleged that JonBenet’s brother Burke accidentally killed his sister following a fight over food. They claim that he hit her with a torch and the parents then panicked and covered up the incident.

John Bennett Ramsey had spoken before about the incident with Dr Phil on American television but said that it was his ‘’last interview’.

However, he spoke to Meshel Laurie following the conclusion of the documentary and revealed exactly what happened on the evening of December 25 and the next day.

The family strongly believes that December 25th was a normal Christmas Day. The family ‘’had a wonderful Christmas. We had lots of kids in and out of the house. Later in the day, we went to our friend's house, but we were home by about 9/9:30 PM.’’

When asked by Meshel what he remembers next, there is no mention about going to bed or what happened when they got home; John goes straight to the next morning.

He says ‘’Well we had gotten up early and I was in the upstairs bathroom when I heard Patsy scream my name. She had found a ransom note on the stairway and had checked JonBenet’s room; she wasn’t there.’’

Patsy allegedly called the Police immediately, and John describes the moment as ‘’the worst moment of my life. My daughter, my 6-year-old child.’’

He compares the moment to being in a shopping centre and ‘’as a parent, if you had been in a shopping mall or department store and you lose sight of your child, you just have this panic feeling, and it just doesn’t go away.’’

The next part of the interview very quickly moves along to John believing that he would never see his daughter again.

He says almost instantly that he knew he would never see his daughter saying ‘I had the thought that we would get her back and carry on our vacation as normal.’’

At this time, there is no mention of JonBenet being dead but John said ‘’and I told myself that no, that isn’t going to happen.’’

The first part of Meshel Laurie’s chat with John Bennett Ramsey is available on today's 3PM Pick Up podcast.

The full interview will continue to be aired on the 3PM Pick Up on Thursday and Friday at 3PM.

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