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The Creepy Teen & His Mum Paparazzo Stalking Bec Judd & Kids

This is one story we have to file under 'weird'.

Bec Judd has recently brushed shoulders with a young paparazzo outside of her house.

This in itself isn't completely out of the ordinary but then the plot thickens.

This pap - who would be no older than 17 (!!) - not only is driven around by his own mother so he can take photos of Bec, Chris and their four children, but he also hails from Adelaide.

“It’s this guy – well a teenager, I reckon he’s about 17 - he’s a paparazzo, he waits outside my house but get this, his mum drives him!” Bec exclaimed.

“Sorry mum, what’s up? What is up mummy!

“FIRST You wait outside my house like a creep and you wait for me to reverse out of my driveway, then you’re up my bum, you are following me around wherever I go!

“And when I park you jump out of the car and you take photos of my children without my permission and me.

“I understand I’m fair game in public spaces… but kids is different.

“This whole thing about his mum, supporting it, maybe instigating it.”

The first run in with this young photographer happened when Bec was pregnant with the twins.

“When I was pregnant with the twins, I had to go pick up a parcel from Aus post… they were following me, it was the first time I had encountered them and then he pulls it out and starts snapping this big camera,” she said.

“He said ‘Hi Rebecca!’, I said ‘Hi, Is that your mum driving you around?’.

“’Yeah we’ve driven down from Adelaide to take photos of you!’”


Thankfully she hadn’t seen them again… until it all came to a front recently

“They haven’t been back since then and the numberplates on the care are South Australian plates so they’ve come down again,” she said.

“The mum was driving him around again… we were at a private school, they were taking photos of these kids into a private school.”

So now, not only are they taking photos of Bec but also her children and potentially their friends and classmates as they enter the school.

Even when confronted by father that was with Bec at the gates, the young snapper refused to stand down.

“If you are a mum listening, did you know that anyone can take any photo of your children provided it is not of a sexual nature and sell it without your permission and there’s nothing you can do about it,” Bec said.

The price for a photo of Bec or her children is allegedly at approximately $200, so the petrol alone from Adelaide would cost more!

We just can’t wrap our heads around this one.

We hope that they get the point quickly and stay away – especially when Bec is with her children!

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