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The Best Thing Bec Has Ever Done To Her Social Media Account

We've all been sucked into the social media vortex before. 

How many likes did I get? Why hasn't anyone commented on my video? 

So imagine amplifying that by 1000. 

Bec Judd has a much bigger following than most of us - think 617k Instagram followers alone!

So it's easy to get caught up in the numbers and the comments on her page - especially those nasty comments from trolls and people trying to strike a nerve. 

But Bec has fought back this weekend (sort of...)!

The 34-year-old mother of four took things into her own hands and disabled the comments section on her Instagram page! 

Take that trolls! 

Teething much?

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And she says she feels liberated. 

"Best thing I’ve ever done!" Bec said on the 3pm Pick Up.

"The worst thing we can ever do is give trolls a public voice, that’s what they want.

"Stop them spreading their vile rankness."

Another benefit?

Spending those minutes or hours that she would previously spend moderating comments with her family each day. 

"Best thing is that It’s given me hours back per day, I’m not reading comments and I’m not putting out spot fires," she said. 

"I’m not doing all of that moderating.

"It’s been so liberating, because it’s been giving me hours back a day with my family so I can just pop out a photo and I don’t have to check it.

"Why am I giving my precious family time to idiots on Instagram when I need to be playing with my son?"

Monty was right beside her - agreeing that so much time can be taken up by useless social media moderating.

"I am obsessed with reading the comments… I get sucked into that ridiculous vortex," Monty said. 

We're almost tempted to follow suit! 

Have you had a lot of experience with trolls and keyboard warriors hiding behind the anonymity of their computer screens?

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